Indigo Short Hills Expansion

The Brief

In fall 2018 Indigo opened its door to the first US store in a luxury mall in Short Hills, New Jersey. As part of the market expansion I led the visual design of the digital marketing and ensured a cohesive Indigo-branded experience across all customer touchpoints.


  • Landing page
  • Welcome series email marketing
  • In-store kiosk UI
  • POS system and wifi login reskin

In-store Kiosk Screensaver & UI 

Installed throughout the store, the kiosks provide customers the ability to browse for products, locate an item in store and view the store map. I was tasked with designing an evergreen screensaver and home screen to feature six distinct lists of curated book that act as customer decision support. The challenge was communicating each of the distinct lists in a way that is easy and quick to understand and inspiring enough to engage with.

The original proposed solution from the UX designer was a combination of item carousels and banners. However, given that the customers only have a split second to glance at this screen before proceeding to interact with the search bar or store map, item details in a carousel can be information overload and cause decision paralysis. Furthermore, the last two lists would be hidden beneath the fold. My solution was opting for a visually engaging grid of banners that speak to each of the lists.


Email Marketing

Who is Indigo? How is it different? What is the story? The purpose of the welcome series emails is to clearly communicate Indigo’s value proposition. The emails are customers’ second interaction with the brand following their purchase in-store.

  • Touch 1: Confirming customers’ newsletter subscription.
  • Touch 2: Elaborates the brand story and value proposition.
  • Touch 3: Positioning the brand as the ultimate kids destination and playing into the advantage of being the only store in the mall to sell children’s books and toys.